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    Tulip Joshi relives her childhood dream and makes her TV debut as a fearless pilot

    DESPITE her lucky break with the Yash Raj banner, Mere Yaar Ki Shaddi (2002), followed by movies like Dil Maange More and Runway with other producers, Tulip Joshi’s projects never took off at the box-office. After her last Bollywood outing in Jai Ho, as the forgettable Mrs D’Souza, Joshi is now neither excited nor nervous about her first television show, Airlines-Har Udaan Ek Toofan. In this mini-series on Star Plus, the actress plays the role of first officer Ananya Rawat and is accompanied by VJ Yudhister. While the first episode of the series is already on air and the actress has received good reviews, the VFX used in the series has got some criticism. According to Joshi, becoming a pilot was one of her childhood ambitions. “It is a very proud moment for me to play a pilot. I have wanted to be a pilot since childhood. I did sign up for Phono-graphic Performance Limited (PPL), and always wanted to fly but could never complete it. I think I should just work on it and get the license,” she begins.
    After being part of almost a dozen movies, was television a conscious decision? “If the same concept came as a movie, I would have still done it. To me the medium doesn’t matter, be it television or movies. It is all the same. What matters is the product and how it is packaged,” she shares. Written by Advaita Kala, the series promises well conceptualised characters. Joshi reveals that the show depicts real life incidents. “ I had to work on the body language of pilots. The way they sit in the cockpit, how they flip switches and more. There is a lot of hard work that has gone into the show. This is the first time I am working so much with visual effects,” she adds. In fact, the actress admits to a lot of stress on the sets of the show. “We would have to act like we are flying in the midst of clouds half the time. Lot of tall lights and graphics, all that is a little new to me,” she concludes.

    The show airs on Sundays, at 9 pm on Star Plus.
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