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    Cutting-edge technology is changing the way we look at dressing up for the track and pool.

    TECHNOLOGY in clothing is no longer just about fashion; it is also about becoming a champion. The recent Rio Olympics had a few examples, like Stella McCartney and Adidas collaborating to make Great Britaina��s official apparela��with a patented Climachill Technology that made the cloth 10 percent lighter and also heat resistant. Elsewhere, We:Ex, a wearable tech company, has introduced Nadi X, dynamic yoga tights that provides haptic feedback and corrects your posture. From swimsuits that improve your side kick to tees that help maintain your stamina, herea��s our pick of sports gear you need.
    Text: Karan Pillai

    Breathe easyA�tribord-easybreath1
    Triborda��s new snorkelling mask ensures that your time in the ocean is hassle free. Unlike traditional snorkels, where you must breathe through your mouth, the Easybreath has a full-face structure that allows natural breathing through the nose and mouth. It also has 180-degree field of vision, minus fogging (thanks to the double air-flow system), and a pipe that comes with a valve that prevents water from entering the mask. Rs 899.
    At Decathlon. Details: 08884156900

    Get cover
    This all-weather jacket is a must for off-road bikers. Besides specs like waterproof and scratch-proof material, it also accommodates a neck-brace and helmet with adjustable hood and reflectors. Leatta��s 5.0 Mountain Jacket also ensures that you have a comfortable ride, thanks to its silk storm cuffs and silicone-printed tail, which do not allow the jacket to rise at high speeds or swift manoeuvres. From Rs 13,360 onwards. Details: leatt.com

    jabra-elite-sport1Listen up
    Jabraa��s new Bluetooth earbuds are ergonomically designed to stay put in your ears, even during the most gruelling exercises and sports. This is nifty, especially if you are using its fuss-free wireless audio coaching feature (with the accompanying app). The waterproof earbuds come with an in-built heart rate monitor and motion sensor that calculate speed, calories burnt and number of steps taken. A must carry in your gym bag. Rs 16,700 approx. Details: amazon.in

    Slick kick
    A standard swimming kickboard is buoyant enough to support you, but you dona��t get a workout from it. The Brick, by Fike Swim, is a kickboard that is so precisely weighted that it can support only its own weight, and nothing more. This ensures that the swimmer engages his core muscles to support himself, thus improving his ability to swim better. Rs 2,700 approx. Details: fikeswim.com

    Stay coolquecha-techfresh1
    French mountain sports gear brand, Quecha, is known for providing functional yet technically superior apparel and accessories. One such example is its Techfresh polyester T-shirts that lowers your body temperature by three degrees, thus helping you stay active longer. Available for both men and women, it comes in both full and half sleeved variants. Rs 499. At Decathlon. Details: 08884156900

    Suit upA�speedo-lzr-xmodel
    Speedo has introduced its most advanced swimsuit yet, the LZR Racer X. It only stretches vertically, thus reducing drag. Designed with the help of computer simulations of top swimmers across the globe, it is highlighted with special support seams that run its full length, connecting the core muscles in the upper and lower body. This helps you develop a better side kick. From
    Rs 30,000 onwards.
    Details: gamatics.in

    Feet consciousnike-hyperadapt
    Loose laces need no longer be a worry on your runs. Hyperadapt 1.0, Nikea��s latest futuristic shoe, automatically tightens around your feet when you put them on. You can also adjust them by pushing a button on its body. The battery in the shoe lasts up to two weeks on a single charge. To debut in stores next month. Price yet to be announced. Details: nike.com

    nabaiji-anti-fatigue-shortsShort and smart
    Dona��t mistake the bright red reinforcement stripes on Nabaijia��s B-Fast Jammer racing shorts as a design element. It plays a major role in reducing fatigue, by providing more compression on the hip and leg, thus increasing the blood flow in those areas. Made from a special Aquarace material, which is both light-weight and tear-resistant, this is a durable choice, too. Rs 499. At Decathlon. Details: 08884156900

    -Karan Pillai


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