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    Finger food, cosy decor and a focus on beer make for a real neighbourhood bar

    Modelled loosely on the pubs you find on almost every street corner in the UK, Zengi is a collaboration between friends, whose aim was simply to create the kind of place that they would want to unwind in. One of the first bars to open up in BTM layout, it taps into the burgeoning young professional community, and hopes to persuade them to stay local rather than trekking into town for their evenings out.

    Keep it simple
    Low lighting, loud music and furniture pointed towards a large projector that promises to screen live sports makes for a typical pub vibe. While you wona��t find cocktails, we appreciated the focus on beer, and the reasonable pitchers are perfect for sharing with friends. We were happy to see shandy on the menu: if youa��d prefer a lighter more refreshing drink, then you can choose to mix your beer with either Sprite or orange juice. Non-beer drinkers can also opt for the house mocktails or juices a�� wea��d recommend the minty and refreshing virgin mojito.

    AfterDarkAnchor2Comfort food
    Therea��s an extensive choice of finger food which is well-executed, plentiful and perfect for laid-back snacking. The lasooni murgh tikka was tender and flavoursome, while the grilled pesto prawns a�� served up on a skewer with a fresh, vinaigrette-tossed salad a�� also deserve special mention. For the main course, we tried the chefa��s special chicken steak, and pasta served up with a house-specialty sauce. We loved the creamy, flavoursome pasta, as well as the mashed potato and buttered veggies that came with the steak (both pure comfort food!). But were a little disappointed by the crumb-fried chicken, which was a tad soggy, and not very tasty without the accompanying gravy. What is fantastic is the dessert. Dona��t leave without trying the Mexican churros which are deep fried, rolled in cinnamon and served with chocolate sauce.
    Rs.A�800 for two. At BTM Layout. Details: 9980072786

    a�� Maegan Dobson Sippy


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