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    Meet a�?updoa�� specialist, Henry De La Paz, the man who has a following among New Yorka��s A-listers

    EVER wished you had access to international hair gurus like David Mallet, Ted Gibson and Marie Robinson in our country? Well, herea��s the next best thing: a flying visit by a�?updoa�� specialist Henry De La Paz. Consulting with Warren Tricomi salon in Madison, the celebrity hairstylist is conducting training sessions at the branda��s salons at the Leela properties. Having visited only Goa earlier, De La Paz is looking forward to Mumbai and Chennai this weekend. It appears he already has a crowded schedule of magazine shoots, interactions with style bloggers and appointments with A-listers like actor Priyanka Chopra. But Chennai, he hopes, will be more relaxed, offering you the opportunity to squeeze in an appointment at the salon at The Leela Palace.

    IMG_9880De La Paz says it pays to invest in hair colour and extensions. a�?a�?Ombre is technically out, but people are still asking for it. What matters now is depth and dimension and to keep it natural, not high-low,a��a�� he says, referring to the popular technique of adding darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends. With celebrity clients like Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks and Shakira, the hairstylist says the natural, messy look is in. Looking forward to experimenting with extensions on this trip, De La Paz says he has also brought along special wigs. Commenting on the many hairstyles that wrestled for attention at FIFA 2014, he gives Spaina��s forward Fernando Torres the thumbs up for his no-fussA� look. a�?a�?Cristiano Ronaldo has fun with his hair and is daring. For men, I like the hair really short on the side, with texturing on the top. Think James Dean or Josh Hartnett. And in New York, Beyonce gets top marks for being experimental,a��a�� he adds. As for the updo, he says the trend now is to use hardware, like antique brooches or a belt buckle. And how does one know a hairstylist means business? a�?a�?When he whips out his boar bristle brush, of course.a��a��

    The ultimate fix
    Always use the right product, says De La Paz, recommending Kerastase Laque Couture that leaves the hair soft, flexible and easy to work with. A shine spray and pomade, also from Kerastase, are other must-haves. a�?a�?The look you get is slick and clean, with no flyaway hair,a��a�� he promises.
    By appointment on Sat and Sun, from 11 am onwards. Rs. 3,500 (women) and Rs. 3,000 (men). Details: 33661234

    -Rosella Stephen


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