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Four new apps make social media sites more user-friendly

MANY people are satisfied with the official apps for Twitter and Facebook, but some of them complain about the apps hogging memory space, draining their batteries, consuming too much data or offering little to no customisable features.

A host of third-party apps are now making things easier for users with several functionalities, new design layouts and fast, constant support. We take a look at the latest updates from these noteworthy apps.

Tweetbot for Twitter (paid)

Developer: Tapbots
Platform: iOS

Multiple accounts can be easily added by tapping the ai???+ai??i?? button on the account screen. The app is both iPad- and iPhone-friendly with the latest update which includes a dark mode, making it easier to use during the day or at night.

With the 3D touch-enabled iPhones, the user can peek and pop into user profiles and web pages. With the 4.1 update, the app works on the Apple Watch too. Users can view, compose and reply from their watches. The easy-on-the-eye design on both iPad and iPhone Plus has split-screen options for viewing tweets.

Friendly Prazosin 1 mg price (free / paid)

Developer: Friendly App Studio
Platform: iOS

For users who complain that the Facebook app is a major memory hogger and that it eats into the battery life of their phones/tablets, Friendly Pro is a way out.

A light app integrates Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, and comes ad-free at a premium price.

Users can quickly navigate to the ai???favourite friendsai??i?? list and sort the news feed according to the most recent updates or top-ranked stories.

For Instagram, the app allows users to download pictures, pinch-to-zoom and switch between multiple accounts.

However, the app comes with a few cons ai??i?? one cannot upload photos onto Instagram, edit comments on Facebook or add photos to comments on Facebook.

TweetCaster for Twitter
(free and paid)

Developer: OneLouder Apps
Platform: Android/iOS

TweetCaster comes in a free version and a pro version, which costs `272.20 (as of November 28). The intuitive interface makes it super easy to use and is optimised for both phones and tablets.

The third-party Twitter app enables the user to switch between multiple accounts with ease.

]The user can also simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook. Tweetcaster comes with a resizable and scrollable widget.

Swipe for Facebook

(free / paid)

Developer: Happening Studios
Platform: Android

Swipe, which is relatively new to the Facebook wrapper arena, is light and a little more rich in features than the official app. The developer has given significant importance to the UI design, which is close to that of the official app.

The user experience makes it one of the best alternatives to the official app in terms of both functionality and design. It comes with themed options, which not only change the overall colour, but also the feel and layout of the app. ai???

Swipeai??i?? refers to switching between the newsfeed, friend requests and notification tabs by just swiping left to right. ]

The app also has a ai???do not disturbai??i?? mode in its notification filters.

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