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Let the beat take control at Mad Maxxa��s gig this weekend

Max Peterson aka DJ Mad Maxx is a force to be reckoned with. With strong bass lines and a BPM ranging from 140 to 145, his music is a sensory treat. We catch up with Maxx, who will be playing at Pebble this Sunday.
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Common ground
If you Google DJ Mad Maxx, a wedding DJ in America pops up. I found it hilarious. Plus, a bunch of hip-hop DJs, and drum and bass artistes. There are a lot of Mad Maxxs out there. So I guess the name works!

On the name Mad Maxx.
All my peers have nick names for me since ita��s used a lot in commercials or products. This one was the best though. I grew up watching Mad Max and always identified with the main character. The first film was released in the year I was born (1979).

All In the family
My father (Gary Peterson, part of the 60s cult band Formerly Fat Harry) always included me in his musical life. I remember hanging out in his studio when I was little. Gradually, we started making music together. Ita��s wonderful to be able to connect with a parent.

Getting inspired
My dada��s albums taught me how to express things from the past in my music. I love the 70s era, but what inspired me most was his electronic music, the weird compositions and his eclectic tastes. More so, around the time, synthesisers started becoming popular, with all the new spacey sounds from the late 80s.

On turning tables
I started DJing because I owned a record shop in Santa Cruz,A� California. I would receive all the newest music and so we got some turntables in the shop, and started practicing. It was fun.

Favourite sport
Baseball. I wanted to be a professional when I was 15. Almost went all the way, but music called.

Cult classic
Bruce Leea��s Enter the Dragon is a film I have watched over a million times. Ia��m a martial arts fan and used to practice a lot. He was my idol when I was a kid. I know all the dialogues and the music is amazing.

Must haves
My espresso in the morning, my computer and my girlfriend, of course.

At Palace Grounds, Sadashivnagar. Tickets (Rs. 400 ) upwards. Details: 9916695200

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