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    Netelier.com launches with a new line based on nature

    The womenswear company, Netelier was started earlier this year by Maithreyi Gangjee and Nandini Rao. The clothing brand is aimed at career-oriented, global thinkers and influencers who are confident about their choices and style. a�?We want our customers to be able to create a range of styles, depending on their personality or mood, so wea��ve tried to interweave seemingly opposing ideas: feminine and androgynous, classic and experimental and so on,a�? Gangjee explains.
    The Fall / Winter 2016 collection is entitled Natural Habitat. It is inspired by a sense of style innate to Bengaluru that they wanted to bring forward and represent: laid-back, understated, cool. a�?Wea��ve combined clean, functional silhouettes that slide easily into the bustle of city life, with jewel tones that recall the dark beauty of nature and the woods.a�?
    They have also teamed up with various other designers. They have two signature prints, created exclusively for Netelier by artist Nirupa Rao, and textile designer, Anubha Sood. The brand also collaborated with designer, Raj Shroff for its production requirements, and the iconic Amrapali Jewels.
    The new website (Netelier.com), launched earlier this week, is a fun and interactive platform. Their digital magazine, Netelier THE MAG, and mood boards which hope to give a sense of all round sense of style. They also offer bespoke services. Choose from silhouettes, fabrics, and trims for your customised outfit. They have a drawing board that users can customise garments on.
    Rs 2,499 upwards. Details: netelier.com

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