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    BANGALOREAN Sanjay Koppikara��s self-published book oscillates between the citya��s past, present and future, as an NRI protagonist returns to shed light on his fathera��s suicide. We catch up with the IT entrepreneur turned author.
    Why is Bangalored a fitting title?
    Bangalored, though originally used in the US in reference to losing jobs to Bangalore, can mean many things to different people. It made perfect sense here, as the city is the main character a�� tragic or otherwise.

    Tell us a bit more about the story.
    Initially, Yash (the protagonist) just wants to find out the reason behind his fathera��s death. The story alternates between his fathera��s past, and Yasha��s quest in 2020, when he begins to relate to the city. Reading, you live Yasha��s journey, and see how and why his mind changes.

    Your best memories of the city?
    Watching the first show of Darr, and traveling all the way from Dharwad just to see Thiruda Thiruda in Urvashi Theatre. I miss that single double decker (route number 138) that used to run till Majestic! I remember my son used to sit on the first seat on the top tier.

    Advantages of self-publishing?
    As an entrepreneur I have learned not to wait for the world, but make my own way. It also enabled me to give the earnings to WARDS, a school for physically and mentally challenged children, supported by Rotary Bangalore, Indiranagar.

    Tell us about planning and writing the book.
    Bangalored has been growing inside me since 2010. Originally, I had planned it as a duet a�� Bangalored as a fiction, and Be Bangalored as a non-fiction companion booklet with the organisations and individuals that work to make the city a better place. But in the end the latter is combined as a section at the end of the novel.

    What, for you, makes a Bangalorean?
    Bangalore is becoming the melting pot of humanity. That changes the general acceptance and tolerance to people from all walks of life. In my view, a Bangalorean should symbolise the acceptance and tolerance that the city represents already. Acceptance is there a�� but tolerance as a social parameter needs to grow.

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