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    popular online women’s magazine

    Womena��s Web, the popular online womena��s magazine, holds a special workshop, Breaking Barriers to Business Growth, featuring six entrepreneurs and intraprenuers. They include the likes of Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radio City, Vineeta Singh, founder of Fab Bag, and Aparna Vedapuri Singh, founder-editor of Womena��s Web. The lead speaker, Bhavna Toor of Shenomics, a leadership coaching platform, tells us more.

    From Miss India NYC to leadership coach.
    I went from a glamourous world to high finance as a corporate VP on Wall Street to a social impact entrepreneur in India. I realised the way to happiness is to live a self-approved life. That gave me the courage to leave behind my glamorous life in New York, and thata��s what has brought me here today.

    Women entrepreneurs in India.
    More women are finding the courage to take risks, define themselves and create value. The way forward is for all of us to work together, share challenges, victories, and push ourselves to take bigger risks to grow.

    What can we expect from the workshop?
    It is an opportunity for women to learn how to overcome hurdles by listening to the journeys of other women entrepreneurs.

    Target audience.
    Primarily women running a small business who want to take their business to the next level. We will be looking at how women can overcome internal and external barriers to growth. Ia��ll be helping women build a new relationship without fear so they can boldly take the risks to take their business to new heights, whereas Intellecap, which helps startups build and scale businesses, will do a deep dive of the external challenges.
    March 14 at The Country Club, Outer Ring Road. Details: bit.ly/break-barriers
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