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    Apology accepted
    Besides the award winners, if there was one name that was all over the internet, it was John Travolta. Not because he received an award, but because he mixed up names. Instead of announcing Let It Go singer Idina Menzela��s name on stage, the actor mispronounced it as Adele Dazeem. The two names arena��t even close. Later, he sent a bouquet of flowers to her dressing room and, according to a source, it was huge and was his apology to her. a�?It was clear he felt very bad about it. And by the size of the arrangement, it was an obvious a�?forgive me pleasea�� gesture,a�? said the source.

    Depp control
    The last actor of 2014 to make headlines for being drunk on stage is Johnny Depp. At the Hollywood Film Awards, Depp got on stage to present an award to talent manager and producer, Shep Gordon. But he was completely wasted. He started off talking about the placement of the microphone and how it was one of the weirdest ones that he had seen. After tripping over it, he finally declared the award. He fumbled a couple of words, wobbled back and forth, and also used a couple of curse words. When he realised it was live TV, he covered his mouth and giggled. The show directors decided to cut him out and just showed clippings that were dedicated to Gordon.

    Get a map
    After Harry Styles was spotted having noodles on stage a few weeks ago, we caught another band member of One Direction with his foot in his mouth. Zayn Malik created an embarrassing situation when he got on stage and yelled, a�?Manchestera��, when they were actually in Edinburgh. He went on to say, a�?Wea��re not in Manchester, wea��re in Edinburgha��Ia��m so stupid. Ia��m really sorry.a�? Later, after completing the concert, he added, a�?I just want to say a massive, massive thank you for bearing with us tonight as wea��re all a bit delirious. We all have really bad cold and really sore throats, so wea��re really sorry if we dona��t sound great tonight.a�?

    Black who?
    If you watched MTVa��s Video Music Awards, then you would know of Trey Songza�� embarrassing goof up. He referred to The Black Keysa��who lost to Lorde in the Best Rock Video categorya��as the a�?Black Eyesa��. He must have obviously meant the Black Eyed Peas. But the faux pas went viral on Twitter and had music aficionados doubly amused as the Black Eyes were, in fact, a post-hardcore band that released two outstanding LPs on Dischord Records before discontinuing in 2003.


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