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Songs that are staying put for weeks on the popularity charts

After 15 weeks on the charts already, Pharrell seems to be in no mood to peter off. The pumpy song, which has become a popular party anthem already, is sitting pretty at 19 a�� testament that it is widely appreciated still. If youa��ve had enough of the original video, we suggest you look up the dances from across the globe to the song, including Bangalorea��s own version of citizens swaying to the tune.

Talk Dirty
Part dancehall, part pop and part R&B, Jason Derulo holds on to his place on the Top 40 charts quite strongly. After 13 weeks of being there, he seamlessly blends with 2 Chainza�� rap portion to give you a feel of edgy hip-hop as well. And while it seems to have sexual innuendos, a closer listen will show that it really is quite harmless flirting. The song is number 32 this week.

The Man
Aloe Blacc makes something of a comeback with this soulful song. Part of his EP Wake Me Up, The Man, gives Blacc a chance to showcase his fine vocals that also strongly come through in Aviciia��s Wake Me Up. On the charts for 13 weeks, this song currently holds spot number 36.

Drunk in Love
Not ones to let go of their place on the charts, husband-wife duo Jay-Z and Beyonce cling on to the ends of their reign it seems. The sultry R&B song is hanging on at number 38. And although it isna��t quite the chartbuster of earlier times from the artistes, it made its way to friends Kim Kardashian and Kanye Westa��s wedding party through a DJ remix.

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