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    Mornings just got exciting with Temple Adventuresa��s parasailing project

    Surfing, scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling and now parasailing. Pondicherry never fails to surprise us. Temple Adventures, who introduced scuba diving activities five years ago, has now added parasailing to their list. Director of the company, Aravind Tharunsri, tells us how the idea came about, a�?I am a certified paraglider and have been a professional diving instructor for several years at Temple Adventures. We wanted to introduce paragliding to Pondicherry, but that is not possible because we dona��t have high mountains. The next best thing was to work with the beach. Thus, parasailing.a�? Temple Adventures has been conducting parasailing trials for over a month now.
    According to Tharunsri, the Pondicherry beach is very conducive for such activities. a�?A northerly orA� southerly wind is the best for parasailing. We generally have the activity only in the mornings,a�? he says, adding, a�?the months from November to February are the best time to indulge in parasailing. The waves are not very strong but the wind is.a�? Besides Goa, the only other place to parasail is the Andaman islands. a�?You can parasail even on a lake. Chunnambar, near Pondicherry, used to conduct it a couple of years ago but have stopped now. Currently we are the only ones to have this activity in Pondicherry,a�? says Tharunsri, who hopes to add para motor (powered paraglider) to the list of activities. As for an update on their diving front, look out for technical diving. a�?Our usual dives go up to 40 metres. But technical divers can go beyond that.A� They will be given nitrox and oxygen cylinders,a�? says Tharunsri, a technical diver himself.
    A 20 minute ride costs Rs 250. Details: 9003122231

    Mrinalini Sundar


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