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    Few things match a driving holiday in Ireland after non-stop filming and gym hours, says the actor who is in Shankara��s Ai

    KNOWN for his extreme physical transformations on screen, Vikram has pushed the envelope with Shankara��s romantic thriller, Ai. Not only did he drop 21 kilos for the project, but he has experimented with his styling and fitness routine for the film that also stars Amy Jackson. The actor, who is most comfortable in jeans and flip-flops has been making an effort by a�?mixing it upa�� with brands like Giorgio Armani, D&G and Etro. Currently wrapping up his last few days of work in central London, he is making time for sartorial outings and to take in the sights and sounds of the city. But what he is looking forward to most is his big break in a few days, when his family joins him.

    The-City-Hopper3Irish road trip
    On the cards is a self-drive holiday in Ireland. Having spent other such breaks behind the wheel in France and New Zealand, he insists,a�?a�?All you need is your GPS. We look out for BNBs and farms that offer simple accommodation and good food. I drive for half a day non-stop, avoiding the motorway and choosing the countryside instead.a��a�� The tranquility in the car is rarely interrupted, perhaps only when his teen off-spring take exception to his taste in music a��a��Kishore Kumar and vintage Hindi songs. Vikrama��s ride of choice is a Range Rover, but Ireland will see him making a few concessions. a�?a�?Once they realised my nationality, and that insurance would not cover the drive, I had to settle for a Land Rover,a��a�� says the actor, who has been working on Ai for close to two years and is looking forward to its release in a few months. After his holiday, he will be joining Goli Soda director Vijay Miltona��s team, for a Fox Star Studios movie that will also have actress Samantha.

    Vikram recently spent 45 days at Banyan Tree Shanghai, for its signature spa treatments (part of his training for Ai), and he says, a�?a�?All I did was go to the gym, spa, walk a lot and eat.a��a��

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