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    A new label brings the focus back to antique jewellery

    Jewellery label, Amama by Nikita Gupta, seeks to shun the minimal and embrace all things vintage and excessive.

    Itai??i??s only natural, one would assume, when you are raised in a silversmithai??i??s family, where the glinting metal was as commonplace as a plaything in other households.

    ai???My grandfather was a silversmith, so I grew up watching him craft gorgeous jewellery, right from scratch,ai??? begins Delhi-based Gupta.

    So while most kids sat at their grandparents knees listening to folk and fairy tales, the 27-year-old was privy to stories of a different kind. And thatai??i??s where the inspiration for her label stems from.

    ai???I inherited my love for silver jewellery and a whole collection of it from my grandmother, whom I call amma. Thatai??i??s where I got the name for my e-boutique,ai??? she explains.

    Trinket box

    The e-store, barely three months old, stocks a mix of silver and costume jewellery, including rings, earrings and necklaces.

    Sourced from artisans across the country, from Delhi and Jaipur to Chennai, each piece is handpicked by Gupta herself. Once chosen, she adds her own twists and details to make them relevant for the modern Indian woman, ensuring the essence is kept intact.

    On the site, one can choose from the Noorani, Bohemian and Chandro collections. While the Bohemian line features casual, one-off pieces that work for the office as much as an evening do, the other two are more on the dressy side and include heavier designs apt for the wedding season.

    Rs 899 upwards. Details: amama.in

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