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    Choose from a range of specialty breads and sweet treats at this online bakery

    Whisk Affair by Neha Mathur is not just another home-baking venture. Started barely a month ago, the online bakery is the extension of Mathura��s baking blog, which she has been maintaining for three years. a�?A lot of my readers have told me that every recipe of mine that they try turns out great. It was their encouragement that prompted me to launch a bakery,a�? she tells us.

    food9lead8A dental surgeon by profession, Mathur quit her high paying job to invest in her true love a�� baking. Having spent two years each in places like Malaysia and Prague, it was during her time in the US that she started experimenting and testing out her own recipes. a�?There were a lot of utter failures initially. But I kept going and now I have become really good at what I do and my recipes are quite a hit,a�? says the self-taught baker who credits the internet for a lot of what she knows.

    Sinful bites
    Hardly a month old, Whisk Affair offers a wide range of baked treats from exotic specialty breads to delightful French cookies and tea cakes. Boasting completely organic ingredients, one of her bestsellers is the chocolate and orange marble cake, which she describes as a light and soft loaf with a subtle orange flavour.

    She also has on the menu, exquisite madeleines in two variants. Honey vanilla, in which she replaces sugar with honey a�� a healthy choice, and classic French vanilla, made from browned butter that lends the cake a beautiful nutty flavour. a�?These are very rare to find in the city and they have been selling out really fast,a�? Mathur says of the classic shell-shaped sponge cakes.

    Mathur also puts a crunchy spin on regular brownies with her Oreo version that promises generous chunks of the popular cookie in food9lead6every crumbly, chocolatey bite. a�?Since Oreos are so popular with everyone, I thought why not capitalise on that. Apart from receiving repeat orders for it, ita��s also the most viewed recipe on my blog,a�? informs Mathur.

    In the cookies section, a must try are her pistachio tuiles a�� egg-based crispy, wafer thin cookies, that can be eaten as a whole or used as a garnish for desserts like pannacotta, ice creams and sorbets.

    Her range of breads too are highly recommended with the onion and herb fougasse and bell pepper and goata��s cheese focaccia topping the list. The breads can also be customised as per the clientsa�� tastes with anything from adding bacon to sundried tomatoes. Mathur is currently working on a section of health-based recipes that are vegan and gluten free.

    Rs. 200 upwards. Place your take-away orders at whiskaffairbakery.com or call 9845946421

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