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    Our guide to popular games on Facebook

    Anger, irritation and a furious clicking of a�?cancela��, is the usual response to a Facebook invite to play a game. And since we know how annoying the notifications are, we take the liberty of accepting some of them to help you decide to either ignore or play them.
    Royal Story: As a prince or princess, you need to save your kingdom from the evil witch in this online role-play game. Start with menial tasks like feeding cows, before moving out of the castle on an adventure to slay the enemy. Entertaining but pesky, this game will have you buying upgrades with real money, in no time.

    Medieval Kingdom: Rule your own kingdom in this game by social game company Plarium. It lets you go on quests, improve your landa��s infrastructure and defence, train soldiers and send them to neighbouring kingdoms to gain resources. Great for strategists.
    Stick Figure Badminton 2: Difficulty controlling your player and the impossibility of winning a point makes this one frustrating. Using just the mouse, you move a stick figure and also click at the exact time to score. A tricky game, this.

    Castle Rock: A level-based strategy game, players fight different groups of enemies to rescue survivors of dragon attacks. You can strategise, increase your health by killing more enemies, upgrade your armies, strengthen your kingdom by building more homes and guard your castle from future attacks. Addictive, you will soon be buying copper coins and other perks with real money.
    Farm Heroes Saga: This is Candy Crush but with fruits, and is well worth a miss. The fruit might make you feel healthier about yourself, but ita��s best to stick with those addictive candies, we say.

    -Team Indulge


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