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American ambient and electronic music producer, Scott Hansen aka Tycho, sets new standards in ambient music with every album he releases. One of the most sought after ambient musicians in the world, Hansen has prepared a special treat for his show next week and will be joined by guitarist Zac Brown, drummer Rory Oa��Conner and multi-instrumentalist Joe Davancens. a�?We will definitely be playing songs like Awake, L, Dye, Spectre, Past is Prologue, and A Walk, and also some songs that we want to try out from our upcoming album,a�? says Hansen, who has released five studio albums and two EPs till date as Tycho. A less known fact about Hansen is that he is an experienced photographer and designer going by the moniker of ISO50. He reveals to us that he has always found music and visual art to be entwined with each other. a�?I dona��t think I can fully express the vision of what Tycho is without both sides of my career,a�? adds the 39-year-old. He concludes by saying that his next album is due in fall 2016.

a�� Arka Sengupta