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From Bach to Byrd, The Bangalore Men takes you back in time

The imposing red structure of St Andrews Church in the heart of town forms the perfect backdrop for The Bangalore Mena��s A Capella Through the Ages a�� an evening of timeless classical music. Formed in January this year, the 10-member all-male outfit performs for the second time in just a span of three months. Featuring a motley crew of musicians, engineers, and even a psychologist and landscape artiste, the choir is the brainchild of Jonas Olsson, a Swede who has made Bengaluru his home. a�?What wea��re going to present is one hour of classical music influenced by the early Renaissance and Baroque periods,a�? explains Olsson, who also volunteers as a vocal coach at The Bangalore School of Music.

1Taken from a time when women werena��t allowed to sing in the Catholic churches, the pieces theya��ll be presenting are tailored specifically for all male ensembles. a�?Ita��s unique, and I dona��t think something like this has been performed in Bengaluru or even in India before,a�? says Sriram Aravumudan, the landscape artiste, who is one of the 10 vocalists. The list of songs theya��ll be performing is taken from the compositions of names like George Frideric Handel, Franz Schubert, Henry Purcell and William Byrd. Sticking to the original format of each piece, the set includes a mix of duets, solos and group songs. a�?The songs will be presented as they were composed to maintain their authenticity,a�? reveals Olsson, adding, a�?The choir is coached by one of Europea��s finest vocal coaches a�� Maria ForsstrA�m.a�? The choir will also perform at CKP on April 15, and in Pondicherry on May 1.

Entry free. April 8. 6.15 pm. At Cubbon Road. Details: 25591874
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