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Sumnima Udas on reporting gender issues and how journalism is changing

Dedication, hard work and courage are Nepali journalist Sumnima Udas’ mantra. The CNN correspondent bagged the ‘Journalist of the Year’ honour at the inaugural Women’s Empowerment Journalism Awards last month in Singapore.Patience pays
A global citizen, Udas is now settled in Delhi after living in places like Jordan and Italy. Having joined CNN, New York, as a news assistant in 2001, she mopved to the Delhi office as its India correspondent in 2010. On her documentary, Nirbhaya: The Fearless One, she shares, “Reporting gender issues like rape and female foeticide is sensitive. Meeting parents of a rape victim is not easy. But if you are patient, things come together.”

Reporting live
Even as instant news capsules take over in-depth reports, Udas says, “Looking at the story behind the story is popular, too.” Content is largely becoming user-driven. “Citizen journalism is catching up,” she adds, with channels encouraging viewers to send in videos, which are reviewed and turned into stories. “Hard work and a sense of purpose” are two qualities young journalists should possess, concludes Udas.

— Sumitra Nair


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