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Winter in this city, however brief, is the perfect time to soak in the bosky flavour of the season, sweet sap of the fruits, the scent of spices and flowers. How about the flavour of roses in your food? The monarch of all flowers is known to strengthen your heart as it clears toxins from your body. ai???The health benefits of the flowers are immense ai??i?? the petals contain compounds that improve metabolism, thereby aiding in weight loss. Apart from this, using rose petals in your food satiates your senses and prevents you from eating more, thus maintaining your weight,ai??? says chef Shekhar Rapaka, Novotel Hyderabad Airport. Here we pick options from many of our city-based eateries that have showcased it in their dessert offerings.

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One of the signature desserts of the city, itai??i??s as delicious as its name. The name in Arabic means ai???clay of paradiseai??i??, in Persian and Arabic. Itai??i??s a rich preparation of grated bottle gourd cooked in milk and rose petals which appears pale-green in colour. Details: Available at multiple venues

cheescakeTum Tib Grob cheesecake
At Vivanta by Taj, executive chef Jaffar Ali prepares this Thai dish by using canned water chestnuts that are poached with rose syrup and rose petals. The cheesecake has a crust-base consisting of coconut cookies, honey, butter and desiccated coconut. The cheesecake also consists of coconut milk and coconut milk powder. Price: on request. Details: 67252626

Gulab Barfi
That square pink concoction of milk, sugar and rose petals looks inviting enough after a hearty meal. And itai??i??s not prepared with any artificial flavouring. Real rose petals are used in the making of Gulab Barfi. You can get the best at Almond House, Banjara Hills. Says one of the owners Chaitanya Muppala, ai???This is one of the best selling sweets from our side and is popular during all seasons.ai???
Price: Rs 600 per kg. Details: 33165291

Try this Rose & Date Sorbet at Casbah, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace. The dessert is pale-pink in colour and mildly sweet unlike other rose-desserts. Dates added to it give it that fleshy texture that dissolves on the tongue and isnai??i??t sticky. Itai??i??s eaten with much relish in Central Asian countries. Shares chef Mukesh Sharma, ai???Gulqand is both a cleanser and a coolant. For better results instead of sugar we add honey to it.ai??? Whatai??i??s more, gulqand keeps your heart troubles in check and gives a glow to your skin. Need we say, you require more reasons to savour it! Price: Rs 350++ Details: 67676767

Gulab Phirni
This regal looking dessert is
prepared with thickened milk to which finely ground rice is added, followed by rose petals. The phirni turns out to be thick and creamy while the rose petals cooked in milk leave a silken trail on your tongue. The effect of this dessert after a scrumptious dinner acts as a coolant on the senses and neutralises the effect of hot spices ai??i?? perfect for balmy Deccan dinners. At Kanak, Trident Hyderabad. Price: Rs 425++

Rose Chiboust
This delight is from Novotel Hyderabad Airport. Originated in Europe it is relished widely. Instead of fresh rose petals, they use dry ones. Essentially, a crA?me chiboust is nothing more than a just prepared pastry cream lightened with a Italian style meringue. Informs chef Shekhar Rapaka, ai???Using an Italian Meringue over a regular cold made meringue is my preferred method since it provides better stability of the cream.ai??? Price: Rs 375++. Details: 66250000

Rose Petal & Saffron Gelato
Itai??i??s prepared with countryside rose petals combined with the regal flavours of saffron. Milk, rose water, saffron, and sugar are cooked on a high flame. Rose petals are crushed and added to the mixture and then it is churned into a sorbet-maker and then put in the freezer for the ice-cream to set. You can relish this frozen dessert at Kanak, Trident Hyderabad. Price: Rs 350++. Details: 66232323

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