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Why Tork T6X, the fastest electric motorcycle in the country, has more to it than meets the eyeA�R&D

Tork Motorcycles is run by an enthusiastic bunch of bikers. Even as freshers out of engineering school, they were racing against the best e-bike manufacturers at TTXGP, the electric motorsport race series. All that expertise has gone into developing the T6X road bike for India. Which is why it is bound to be one sharp machine.

The T6X is powered by a 6kW brushless DC motor that makes 27Nm of torque. While that seems less on paper, electric motors deliver peak torque right from 0 rpm, meaning the T6X is a rocket right off the line. Feeding the motor is a lithium-ion battery encased in an IP67 rated box that takes just 60 minutes to charge up to 80 per cent. The T6X thus gets a 100 km range and a top speed of 100 kmph at which you can cruise too, considering
there is no performance drop.

The Tork T6X looks like a mix of most motorcycles in the market today, but its conventional styling is deliberate. While electric vehicles lean towards crazy, futuristic designs, the T6X comes across as any other motorcycle, which will make it easy to accept the real genius under the body worka��electric propulsion. Getting used to an alternate powertrain is easier when the bike looks regular, right?

While mobile connectivity and navigation are a given on any electric vehicle, Tork is taking things up a notch by establishing charging points across cities. Every T6X will be connected to a cloud to enable Torka��s engineers to monitor various aspects of the motorcycles. If anything goes amiss, the company will contact the owners and send an engineer down to rectify the issue.

The shift from conventional to electric mobility is usually expensive, rendering the concept impractical. The T6X, however, is priced at a reasonable `1.25 lakh and comes with super-low running costsa��making it competitive with regular performance bikes.
Pre-bookings have already begun at zero cost. Tork Motorcycles will set up experience zones to get interested buyers acquainted with the machine before buying it.



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