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    With only signatures retained, the menu at The Great Kebab Factory gets a complete revamp

    KABAB3If youa��re a fan of The Great Kebab Factory (TGKF), you dona��t need us to tell you that the galouti kebab here is worth the detour. In fact, loyalists fill up only on repeats of the mince lamb kebab, side lining anything else that vies for attention. But our visit to the restaurant at Radisson Blu City Centre, frequented by large corporate groups, is not for signatures. Chef-de-cuisine Mohammad Halim has spent the last two months creating close to 15 new kebabs that will be on rotation at the restaurant starting today. And in good time too, considering competition from new kebab speciality chains, where getting a table sans booking is close to impossible, much like it used to be at TGKF.
    Equal importance has been given to both sections of the menu, with creations featuring more than just paneer for vegetarians. Take the aloo motia neza for instance. Called so because of the sago crust that makes it look like an ornament of pearls, this deep-fried, mashed potato kebab has the most interesting texture of the lot. Its non vegetarian counterpart features a fillet of chicken coated with beads of the extract. The murgh-e-firdosh, with fenugreek-spiced mince rolled in a slice of chicken breast, is equally interesting.
    The chef has also created a desi version of Colonel Sandersa�� recipe, featuring a tender tangri deep fried with a coating of spiced corn flakes. But ita��s the simple murgh kofta balls concealing a dollop of cheese, that have us asking for the most repeats. Sadly, the bird seems to have dominated the NV section, with just one seafood kebab offering respite. Thankfully, wea��ll always have the galouti to fall back on.
    At Rs.1,314 per head for lunch. Details: 30404444
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