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    Actress and former VJ Pooja Gallyot on bagging six movies and why a period film is a challenge

    After roles in movies like Pizza and Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi, actress Pooja Ramachandran aka Pooja Gallyot has been busy but far from the media eye. Now she is ready to talk about her projectsa��six movies, all scheduled to release this year. Admitting that none of this was planned, the former VJ says she likes to a�?go with the flow.a�? More from her:

    I choose my movies based on the production house and the comfort level I share with the director. The vibe you get when you speak to the director initially is a major indication of whether you want to work on the movie or not. I do not take up movies for big names or just to be seen.

    After Pizza, I am working on a horror-comedy, Muni 3: Ganga. I have six films releasing this year and for the past year, every month has been hectic. After Muni, I have Nanbenda with Nayanthara and Udainidhi Stalin. Then there is Ore Nyabagam,a romantic film and Saamiyattam with Srikanth. I also have two Telugu films.

    I am tired of playing a college girl. Why dona��t we have movies like Paa? I want to do a role like Pooja Umashankara��s in Naan Kadavul. I know I will never sign up for a period drama though. I cannot wear head gear and become a princess. It just involves too much effort. But I do want a role that is a departure from glamour. A character role with no makeup, very rustic and impactful.

    My inspiration will always be Vidya Balan. While shooting for The Dirty Picture, she had said she would stand in front of the camera and just shoot without inhibitions. I do not have an iota of the boldness that she has, but that one line was very inspiring. When you are shooting, there are 10,000 people around you, judging what you wear, what you say, how you sit or how you eat. To get disconnected from all of that and to act is challenging.

    All her movies are scheduled to release in the second half of the year.

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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