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    Gearing up for the release of Rustom this August, Ileana Da��Cruz shares how she learnt to value a good story

    With her latest outing, Rustom, actress Ileana Da��Cruza��s sabbatical from the big screen is over. While the Barfi actress who was last seen in the unremarkable Happy Ending (2014) is excited about her role in Tinu Suresh Desaia��s (of 1920 London fame) film. She has also been busy promoting a new line of shoes by Skechers in Mumbai and jetsetting from Bengaluru to London to Melbourne.

    Akshay factor
    Though not much has been revealed about the movie, it hints towards the Nanavati incident of 1959, where Navy commander Kawas Maneckshaw Nanavati murdered his wifea��s lover. While Akshay Kumar will be seen donning the uniform, Da��Cruz will play the role of his wife. The Tu Mera Hero actor is excited to be on screen with Akshay Kumar and while praising her co-star, she says, a�?Akshay is so much fun to work with, he is somebody who doesna��t like working very seriously. He likes to have fun and pretty much tends to make everybody laugh. I think thata��s really amazing. Also he is such an underrated actor who is so good at his work, yet people only talk about what an amazing superstar he is. He made me really believe my character and his character, Ia��d love to work with him again.a�?

    On the right footA�
    Referring to her one-and-a-half-year break from the movies, Da��Cruz, who has been actively posting her holiday photos on Instagram, explains, a�?It wasna��t intentional. After Happy Ending did not work out, I decided that I wona��t do a film until it is really good.a�? The actor who chooses movies more consciously now explains that the process of selecting scripts has changed a lot for her over the years. a�?Now I look for a very challenging role, I just dona��t want to be a random person in the film.a�? The 28-year-old actress adds, a�?For me Rustom was a very challenging film. The movie is set in the 50s, and ita��s a role that required a lot to be portrayed without saying anything.a�? Da��Cruz, meanwhile, has also been busy with Pilates and yoga workouts. And that, incidentally, is where the Skechers Go Walk Flex come in. a�?a�?I believe in a little workout every day. Staying healthy and happy is more important than being skinny,a�? she says.
    The movie releases on August 12.

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