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    Fashion professionals Fibin Raj and Imaad launch their eponymous label at an exclusive Madras Boat Club event tonight

    When it comes to fashion shows, our brains are more or less programmed to expect model after model walk down the ramp in designer clothes. For Fibin V Raj and Mohammed Imaad, however, the launch of their design label is going to be anything but that. a�?We wanted the entire focus to be on the clothes,a�? says Raj, a designer and faculty member at NIFT Chennai, adding,A� a�?Therefore, what we have done is create fashion installations that have probably never been done in Chennai, or for that matter in India, before. Inspired by Moroccan colours, and its architecture, the evening is going to be a unique experience.a�?
    Moroccan escape
    Mannequins will replace models, and water will be the ramp, as coxless racing boats with the mannequins on it are rowed in from a distance to make formations at the dock. The collection, titled Impression Le Maroc, blends classic and contemporary aesthetics that result in sharp and tailored dresses in satins, damask, tapestries and jacquard. And this is only a sneak peek into what the label intends to create in the future. a�?Our label will make bespoke garments for men, women and even children,a�? adds Raj. His partner, Imaad, a fashion consultant from Pearl Academy Chennai, plays a key role in the conceptualisation of the label.
    Photo finish
    While model Erina Packard launches the label officially, the evening will also have a special viewing of photographs clicked by fashion photographer G Venket Ram. a�?I like Fibina��s radical idea behind the concept of this show. We have shot the designs with industrial ruins in the background, and the Moroccan inspiration comes right through,a�? says Ram. The evening will feature six high couture garments, which according to Raj, are examples of the sartorial finesse of the label. a�?The designs are all exclusive occasion wear; something one would consider wearing only for red carpet events for example. The designs, which are going to be showcased this evening, are more like art pieces presented in the form of an installation. And with a beautiful venue such as the Madras Boat Club, it made complete sense to use the boats as part of the show,a�? he concludes.
    From Rs 2,000 onwards, at their studio on Haddows Road. Details: 8098684089, 9884253918

    Priyadarshini Nandy


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