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    Guitarstreet.in, the countrya��s first musical instruments webstore springs up in Bangalore

    A COMBINATION of engineering, marketing and supply chain prompted Utkarsh Apoorva, Madhu GS and Saket Jalan to create Guitarstreet.in, Indiaa��s first online music equipment store. Hardly a few months old, the website seems to have tugged at the right strings and recently sold its 100th guitar. Apoorva says, a�?a�?Guitar-street aims to fill a gap. Two days after it went live, we got our first customer who was willing to pay into our personal accounts as we hadna��t set up an official gateway yet! That showed us that Guitarstreet had potential.a��a��

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    Being a specialist store means the depth and range of products available tend to be more in sync with demand than horizontal stores. a�?Additionally, the sales team of Guitarstreet comprises of professional musicians who can personally guide the customer to maximise value,a��a�� he explains.

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    Standing tall at over 60,000 Facebook a�?likesa��, Guitarsteet has now started to sell Indian classical instruments, too. Currently, the webstore offers acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric instruments across top brands like Yamaha, Granada, Walden and affordable ones like Sonido and Ashton. They also have a smaller selection of harmonicas, violins and accordions. Guitarstreet also delivers to Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkatta.

    Rs. 500 upwards for accessories and Rs. 3,000 upwards for instruments. They deliver to Chennai. Details: guitarstreet.in

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