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    Three trending videos that will put a smile on your face and set the mood right

    Changing keys
    A mash-up of popular songs through the ages, The Gregory Brothers add a twist to tracks in Happy Sad Songs and Sad Happy Songs. Experimenting with major and minor key swaps and how that changes the whole face of a song, the band has made suitable videos contradicting originals. A fun clip that puts a spin on how we relate to music rather than lyrics. Pharell Williamsa��s up-tempo Happy gets a downer and intense songs like Dream On by Aerosmith are pepped up.

    Secret to happiness
    Bring out the tissue box and watch this short film (Gift a�� Singapore Drama Short Film). It traces the story of a young boy who grows up unhappy because his father worked harder a�?than others,a�� but wasna��t rich. The boy goes on to study at UCLA, gets a high-profile job but begins to resent the father. The fathera��s demise changes things and the boy learns a secret about his father that changes his perception. A beautiful film about being humane.

    Sharing goodness
    We suggest you hang on to the tissues for the NestlA� Mumbai Dabbawala Film. Dabbawalas say how they dona��t just deliver food but faith and trust with anecdotes about couples who have made up through notes sent in the lunch boxes. The film shows the real heart behind the 5,000 men in Mumbai. And NestlA� surprises them with a show of gratitude by hand-delivering Boxes of Goodness to these dedicated 5,000.

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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