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    Tap That, a quirky new travel adventure web series, releases on 101india.com

    BLISTERS on his palms from rowing snake boats on Kerala’s backwaters and swellings on his torso the size of oranges, after being tossed around by pehlwans in Varnasi—that’s just a few of the souvenirs emerging actor Harman Singha picked up to prove that he is no city slicker. The 26-year old, once known only as MTV Roadies’

    Rannvijay Singha’s younger brother, is now making a name for himself. He and his co-host Abhishek Singh are travelling to the corners of the country as part of their travel adventure web series, Tap That, which released yesterday on 101india.com

    A travel buff, Singha insists that it has opened his mind. “I grew up watching live firing near the Indo-Pak border, as my father is in the army, and I’ve already trekked for 15 days across the Himalayas,” he says. Singha, who has also scripted the show, says he cut short a stint in the merchant navy to pursue a career in television. He had started out as a production intern in the Indian edition of MasterChef (where he met his co-host Singh). With light-hearted banter peppering the show, they have already filmed 11 episodes. Season two will invite viewers to suggest adventures for the duo and a lucky few will even get a chance to join the hosts. “The second season will see us going international. We are headed to Afghanistan to play buzkashi (goat dragging) and take a road-trip from India to Thailand,” he signs off.

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