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    A�MyDressMate tracks your clothing in an organised fashion

    NO MORE dress repeats, fashion faux pas or wearing colours that belong in 1965. My Dressmate, a free creation of Ruebro for Android and iOS uses, allows you to organize your wardrobe by taking pictures of clothes, shoes and accessories. You can mix and match them to create a variety of looks without physically trying everything on.

    Naturally, it all began when a lady got delayed for a marriage reception because she couldna��t find something appropriate to wear and then ended up wearing a dress shea��d recently worn! a�?The USP is that it helps people save time while dressing. Although it is great for both men and women, it might be more useful for women as their wardrobes are more vast,a�? says Philip Abraham, CEO, Reubro International. And looking at statistics that span men and women between 17 and 70 years, from Mexico to India, you know wardrobe management is priority!

    Mobile fashion
    You can tag outfits by color, style and season with subcategories like shirts, skirts, trousers and belts. Or even customise categories like a�?Over The Topa�� for a more catalogued wardrobe. Set filters that will sort out outfits and accessories within those parameters, letting you design outfits and store them. So when you are in a hurry, you can just glance through options and pull them out of the cupboard at the last minute.

    Our favourite feature is that it shows the number of times and the last time a particular outfit or accessory was worn. The shopaholics inside us also love that the app comes with a Shopping section that helps you match clothes you already own with the ones you are eyeing at the store. And for you single men and lazy women, a laundry tab reminds you to do the washing before you run out of clean clothes.

    Details: reubro.com

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