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    Apps that warn you of dangers, both natural and man-made.

    Leta��s face it, we are at risk wherever we go. So why not let technology help keep us safe? With a number of apps out there to warn us of impending danger, we bring you the latest updates.
    Waze: An oldie but a goodie, Waze, the driving community app, has added a new feature. It alerts drivers if they are approaching the speed limit on any road. Based on data generated from speed limit inputs given by drivers from the driving community of a particular area, the app gives visual cues via a speedometer icon that turns red when you hit the limit. On Android and iOS. Details: waze.com
    MyShake: Developed by a team from University of California, Berkeley, this app does not use your GPS to detect oncoming earthquakes. Instead, it uses the devicea��s accelerometer. Once it detects a tremor that falls within the scale of an earthquake, it sends coordinates to a central database, which then confirms the quake. It also has a live Ritcher scale-like graph that shows the moment the quake hits. On Android. Details: myshake.berkeley.edu
    Cogito Companion: A new app developed in the US aims to detect depression related symptoms. It requires users to input frequent audio entries, based on which it decodes their mooda��after analysing the tone, speed and tension in the voice. It keeps track of messages and makes calls to determine how sociable the user is. It also senses the usera��s movements to calculate how active he or she is.

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