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    After aerial yoga, Zorba now wants you to test your flexibility on a paddle boardZorba-6656 copy

    When youa��ve done it alla��vinyasa and power yoga, hot and a�?colda�� yoga, and even one thata��s up in the aira��where do you go next? For Sarvesh Shashi, the founder of Zorba – The Renaissance Studio, the answer is water. He is all set to introduce paddle board yoga to the city (by the second week of March), and he says people are already signing up. a�?Ita��s been fun putting the programme together. First, we met Showkath Jamal of the Bay of Life Surf School, who taught us how to use the board. Then four of my trainers and I went to the Ottiambakkam quarry and created a one-hour routine that can be done by anyonea��from beginners to experienced yogis,a�? says the 23-year-old.
    Assuring us that we dona��t need to know swimming to do the course, he says all it takes is confidence and fearlessness. And for those of us who cana��t forget that the quarry is 250-ft deep, there are life jackets (they wona��t come in the way of the asanas) and life guards ready to pull us out if we fall in. a�?The best part of the paddle board is that, unlike a surfboard, it wona��t topple. So your first safety check is ticked off right there,a�? smiles Shashi. And since balancing on water is so much tougher, he says that this form of yoga will bring in more focus and strength, along with lots of fun and an adrenaline rush that will keep your energy levels high. a�?Even people who dona��t like yoga want to do it. Thata��s why I find new formsa��to get more people to try out at least one form of it,a�? shares Shashi, who is planning to introduce the trending stiletto yoga in a montha��s time.
    Introductory price: Rs 2,000 (including transport and food). The second and third levels will take you to a lake and to the sea. Details: 9841132345

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