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    Theatre director Samyuktha PC on her adaptation of The Tempest

    Being the year of Shakespearea��s 400th death anniversary, city-based theatre group Crea Shakthi takes on TheA�TempestA�and adapts it for the Tamil-speaking audiences onA�July 30.A�Samyuktha PC, the director, says, a�?Ita��s a story that has elements of environment and politics woven together with water. This was the obvious story to tell to the people of Chennai since wea��ve felt the pinch of not having water and having too much of it.a�?
    Revolving around the wrath of a father, who drowns the city in a storma��and set against a backdrop of slaves, corruptA�politicians and entities from other realmsa��the play subtly reminds us of theA�lessons we ought to have learntA�from last yeara��s deluge. a�?This is not some sort of protest. There are noA�messages about what we should have done during the floods. We are just trying to retell the story of what weA�faced,a�? says the blogger, director and mother of a nine-month-old.
    The cast comprises of new actors who are not seasoned and are coming together for the first time. a�?Ita��s exciting as much as ita��s difficult,a�? says the 27-year-old, who began rehearsing for the play in February.A� While promising live music that will be a mix of percussion, string and wind, Samyuktha adds that the set design and lighting will be by Sudharshan K, who has earlier been associated with Perch. Having worked with theatre groups like the Boardwalkers and Marapachi, she concludes, a�?Ita��s really exciting. I think this play starts a dialogue that can live a little longer.a�? The play travels to Bengaluru next.
    At Museum Theatre, from 7.30 pm. Rs 200 onwards. Details:A�bookmyshow.com

    a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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