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    Inko Centre adresses our water crisis with art

    WHEN the government, academia and mediaa��s efforts seem inadequate to raise awareness about the water crisis the city faces, artists come to the rescue. In response to an initiative by Inko Centre and the Korean Art Council, a group of artists from Korea are in town, exploring the theme, Water Bodies: An annual Indo-Korean Arts Residency projecta��. At the end of the 15-day residency, they will exhibit installations, performances and video and sound at Spaces, Besant Nagar.

    Korean curator and art historian-professor, Hyewon Lee at Daejin University, Korea, who has accompanied them on this project says, a�?The Artistsa�� Village, Government Museum, Kalakshetra, and back alleys off Besant Nagar beach where you can see everyday life of people in Chennaia��a temple, a church, wells, water pumps, water lorries, fish vendors and kids in the neighborhood have been inspirational to us.a�? This initiative brings art into the social practice domain, wherein the issue of water crisis is being raised. The exhibition will be a reflection of what they have learned here.

    Youngin Hong, Jung-ki Beak and Jiyoung Chae in the multimedia domain, Suyeon Yun through photography, and sound artist Chang-won Park are the artists who have embarked on this particularly interesting wake-up call. Visit Spaces between January 11 and 24 to see what they have drawn from the alleys of Chennai.

    a�� Preethi Ann Thomas


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