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    Artistes whoa��ve been ruling the charts for the longest time

    Stay With Me
    Sam Smith has been on the countdown for over 19 weeks now and is showing no signs of dropping off the top 40. His song, Stay With Me, even left David Letterman speechless when he performed live, making sure that apart from the radio, hea��s wowing in person too. The British crooner speaks of love and how he is more of a commitment man than a one night-stand sort. A lovely ballad with piano soul and gospel beats. He stands tall at number 18.

    Break Free
    Ariana Grande and Zedd have been around for 17 weeks now, and are currently at number 24 with their number Break Free. An uptempo opening synth leads to a thumping verse with Grandea��s voice in top form while Zedd adds characteristic pop-synth beats to turn the song into a dancy one which is likely to be played multiple times at parties this season. Infectious and very catchy, dona��t blame us if youa��re caught dancing in your cars!

    Black Widow
    Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are doing pretty well with an impressive 15 weeks on the top 40. The new kids on the block give us a EDM love tune which was originally written by current Queen of Pop, Katy Perry. With a great hook, pop beats, fantastic rap and even a quirky video, these young girls clearly have far to go. They are currently on number 28.

    I Cana��t Stop Drinking About You
    Beginning in a quiet almost-acoustic mode, this song by Bebe Rexha weaves its way into a burst of instruments and vocal, where she gets angry about a relationship gone wrong. A bit Kelly Clarkson-eqsue in form, the song is refreshing with great potential for karaoke.

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