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Get up to speed on new products that will help you walk, run, pump iron and keep your head

The sheer number of wearable gadgets coming out every week is mind-boggling. While many quirky gizmos have piqued our interesta��from June, the bracelet that measures sun exposure and recommends SPF (and more) to LGa��s new earphones that monitors your heartbeat and oxygen consumptiona��we thought wea��d look at four offerings that really stood out.

Mind-1Skulpt Aim
Bulking up or toning your frame isna��t enough anymorea��you need to figure out if you are working those muscles properly. Skulpt Aim uses an electrical current (Electrical Impedance Myography, the same technology used to study neuromuscular problems) to figure out your muscle quality and body fat percentage.

Hassle-free tech: Place it against moist skin, get the reading in a few seconds, connect with a smartphone app, get the full-body report and recommendations for exercises and, finally, track your improvement. You can pre-order it for `10,200. Details: skulpt.me/order.html

LeChal Haptic Shoes
This onea��s not about achieving a goal, but about reaching it. Created by Ducere Technologies, a Telangana-based start-up, LeChal is interactive footwear that has mass appeal, but is perfect for the visually-challenged.

Hassle-free tech: Feed in the destination and it syncs with a smartphone (over Bluetooth) to figure out the best possible route to your destination. The shoe, which comes with rechargeable batteries, vibrates to let the wearer know when to turn. It also counts steps and measures calories burnt. Pre-order for approximately Rs. 6,100. Details: lechal.com

Reebok Checklight
If living on the edge is what gives you that adrenalin rush, then we say stay safe with Reeboka��s new Checklight. Perfect for athletes and those who thrive on extreme sports, this slim headgear fits underA�a helmet and monitors any head impacts.

Hassle-free tech: The impact indicator measures the severity of each hit, with green meaning you are fine, yellow meaning youa��ve sustained a moderate hit and red meaning you need to visit a doctor.A� Reebok is looking at soon syncing this with an app. Order for approximately Rs. 9,050. Details: reebok.com.

Sensoria Smart Sock
From now on, listen to your ankles. Theya��ll tell you how you are running, what your track activity is and if your foot landing technique and weight distribution are correct. The Sensoria Smart Sock (with textile sensors) and ankle bracelet also monitors steps, calories, distance and altitude.

Hassle-free tech: The socksa�� electronics relay biometric data in real-time to the Sensoria app, which is available for iPhone, Android and Windows. Order for approximately `7,200. Details: liveyoursport.com

-Surya Praphulla Kumar


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