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    Quality checks and authentic fabrics is Indian Handloom Branda��s USP .

    Clocking in Rs 15 crores worth sales in the past five months is a feat worth noticing. Launched last August, India Handloom Brand, with 170 Indian Handloom producers (including weavers, cooperative societies and companies), has obviously been well received. a�?Quality is everyonea��s monopoly but what we offer is a platform which supports weavers who otherwise have no avenues or big names for their creations,a�? says Alok Kumar, the Development Commissioner (Handloom) on the brand being different from handloom stores like Good Earth or Fabindia.
    Retailing out of Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Anna Salai, saris from Mangalagiri, Balaramapuram, Pochampally including shawls and bedspreads are part of the 43 categories on offer. Expect silk, ikat, tussar in pastels and dark tones like red and blue.
    With around 230 producers from across the country, getting onboard this brand is not easy. Once you register (online at indiahandloombrand.gov.in or at the nearest YUVA Center) and submit your product sample, a team visits your facility centre and the samples are put through thorough tests at the Textiles Committee Laboratory, Mumbai. a�?The final product is not only 100 per cent natural fabrics but sans any synthetic dye or yarns,a�? assures Kumar.
    Between Rs 2,000 to Rs 50,000. Details: 24330226

    Seema Rajpal


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