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    Aous boutiques across the city, designer duo MV Chandrashekhar and Ravi Kiran of Metaphor Racha launch the Khadi Shop at Jayanagar that exclusively houses their creations. A small yet neat space, it boasts warm wooden interiors and sandstone flooring for a welcoming and approachable feel. The focus continues to be on Karnataka khadi and the collection is made entirely in the state, right from where the cotton is picked to tailoring and block printing. a�?When we have such good quality khadi within the state, we find therea��s no real need to look elsewhere to create great garments,a�? explains Kiran, who along with partner, Chandrashekhar is constantly on the move, shuttling between towns and cities to procure, weave, dye, and process the fabrics they work with.
    Back story
    1Their extensive travels means that the store will be a weekend-only venture, a relatively new concept in the city. a�?Our clients wanted a place where they could get access to our whole range of garments and home furnishings. While we stock at places like Basava Ambara and House of Taamara, ita��s never the same as having a standalone store. But our busy schedule does not allow us to stay open throughout the week,a�? Kiran shares and adds that the idea is not to be purely retail-oriented but also offer customers a more meaningful experience. Hence the shop houses yarns, spindles, charkas and printing blocks and the proprietors promise to always be at hand to explain the entire process, right from cotton picking to the finished piece for anyone whoa��d care to listen.
    Feeling blue
    Their shelves are currently stocked with their latest collection, Shades of Blue. As the name indicates, the colour forms the theme of the line with shades from navy to sky and everything in between on saris, kurtas, tunics, dresses, skirts, stoles and home furnishings. The cuts and silhouettes continue to remain timeless and classic and the duo stays true to its principle of refraining from trends and fads. Kiran highlights the hand-block printed garments, which for this collection employ animal and bird motifs. With all the prints hand-drawn by Chandrashekar and then carved by a specialist block maker, ita��s no surprise that their quirky printed products are their most popular. A fun cow-inspired print on a teal and royal blue sari drew our attention but we also quite fancied a fish motif sari in russet and deep brown and a stole featuring cerulean bougainvillea prints and border, contrasted by a merlot body. With new collections expected every two months, and store timings limited to 10 am to 8 pm Thursdays through Saturdays, we expect ita��ll create quite a buzz.
    Rs.200 upwards.

    At Pavilion Street,
    1st Block, Jayanagar.
    Details: 9741973604
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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