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    Whackylicious a�� a book for and by children

    Aparna Raman of Timbuktoo Young Authors Publishing lets her chargesa�� creativity run wild, on paper. A product of her creative writing workshops, the publishing housea��s second anthology, Whackylicious, is just that a�� whacky, outlandish and quirky.
    A total of 15 children, aged between five to 12, put pen to paper to paint pictures with their words, for like-minded peers. The book includes poems, stories and essays and topics are varied and totally whimsical with some of the titles of chapters including The Person Ia��d Like To Meet, The Sapphire Thief, Bang Bang The Nightingale Sang, Why Planets Circle The Sun, What If The World Was Upside Down, If Yellow Was A Letter and The Crocodile Who Went Shopping. The collection deals with themes like humour, mystery, and fantasy, often breathing new life into the mundane through childish observations and vivid descriptions.

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    The book is colourful and pictorial with the graphic design done by Aseem Gautam. The fun illustrations are by Kavita Arvind, a faculty member at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. So if the words dona��t get kidsa�� attention, the design definitely will. Released at Atta Galatta by Vikram Sridhar last week, the book will be available at Lightroom Bookstore from December 6. Details: timbuktoopublishing.com



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