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    AN internet radio wing is an absolute necessity for any radio station, simply because there is a huge and continuous migration by listeners towards the web. The user experience is far superior on the net than it is on a terrestrial radio station. On an FM station (especially those who are gasping to exist), your ears are often bludgeoned with ridiculous talk, tacky advertisements and content that could sometimes, if not always, be quite shallow.
    On the net, the options are manya��like a massive buffet spread coupled with the ability to customise your listening experience. Brands who take this medium seriously have understood that the way forward is to mirror their image on the triple a�?wa�� as well. You not only capture the migrating listener, you, in some ways, reinvent your avatar as a brand on the web.
    Car makers like Holden have been aggressive in promoting their Android and Apple radio platforms with ad tags like a�?Goodbye Breakfast Radio, Hello Spotify!a�� Thata��s how the world is approaching the concept of listening today. Very soon you will have your own internet platforms provided to you by your automobile maker and that will be the game changer.
    Radio Mirchi in the city launched their web experience in the form of Mirchi Top Takkar. This is a handmade show for netizens with hand picked music and well thought out content. You can log on to Gaana.com and follow this channel, which was launched on Tamil New Yeara��s Day by actor Dhanush and music composer Annirudh.
    Presenters across the Mirchi grid have contributed to this space. Ita��s not a photo copy of what you get to hear on 98.3 either, as Mirchi Top Takkar boasts customised content. The World Wide Web is the big playground now for FM stations that are serious about their image and standing with those who listen to them. A product such as Mirchi Top Takkar expands the listening horizon and gives more depth to the brand itself.
    See you next week with more radio talk.


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