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    Serious, quirky, and snarky apps to keep you engaged as India votes

    Election India
    Linked to party videos on YouTube, Facebook and even personal agendas of politicians, Election India also offers mock votes for different states and includes public discussions about the goings on in parliament. You can view each statea��s current scenario while past election results are available at the tap of a button. Considered more right-wing than neutral, this Android app is a guaranteed eye-opener.

    Election Watch Reporter
    Election Watch Reporter is an Android app that is solely dedicated to election complaints. So the next time you see an election violation, make sure to snap a photograph or video with the location and load it on to the app. A fine creation if the citizens want to get involved and make a difference.

    Election Tracker
    CreatedA� by MTS and Social Samosa, the app has a live dashboard to provide real-time analysis of Indian voters both on the web and social media platforms. By collating data from platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it tracks all a�?mentionsa�� of all things political including politicians and party names so you can easily track what youa��d like to read. It also gives a statistical view of the current standings. This one shows the popularity according to society by tapping into opinions and social talk.

    Angry Voters
    If the parliament meetings werena��t funny enough, Angry Voters, based on the wildly popular Angry Birds game, is tongue-in-cheek entertainment. Rather than toss birds into the air, gamers are meant to throw eggs, coins, slippers and if you choose, flowers, at the top three Prime Ministerial candidates.

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