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    Andrew Garfield on new-found confidece and ‘physically goofiness’, as Spider Man

    Cynics may dismiss Andrew Garfield for not being the typical superhero. But the actor, who is donning the red-and-blue spandex suit after two years, is back to prove them wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Charming and full of energy, Garfield is currently promoting his new movie with reel and real girlfriend, Emma Stone. The 30-year-old—earlier seen in movies like The Social Network and Never Let Me Go—tells us about Spidey’s trickster persona and his arch enemy.

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    “I definitely feel more confident this time around,” says Garfield.  “I enjoy being Spider-Man, which is for sure what Peter feels as well.” In some ways, the character has returned to his roots—with a costume that is more faithful to legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee’s original, and an attitude to match. As Spider-Man’s confidence has burgeoned, so has his ability to fire off a quip—even in the direst circumstances.  “What sets Spider-Man apart from other super heroes is his humor,” says the young actor. “He fits perfectly into the classic trickster archetype and one of the defining characteristics of a trickster is that they use their enemies’ weaknesses against them. That’s one of Spider-Man’s strengths. Peter Parker may trip over his own feet, but as Spider-Man he’s able to trip anyone up.”

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    Garfield polished his physical-comedy chops with the help of Cal McCrystal, the award-winning Scottish clown and theater director.  “There are scenes and ideas in the movie that come directly from my work with Cal,” says Garfield, who cites Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton among his acting idols. “He created a specific choreography for me. Our work together brought Spider-Man a physical goofiness, which was really exciting to explore.” The film pits Spider-Man against his most dangerous foe to date, Electro, played by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. “Watching Jamie morph into Electro is emotionally powerful,” says Garfield. “He is a great adversary for Spider-Man, but he wasn’t born bad. He was manipulated by evil forces, and that creates compassion for him.”

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to release on May 1.

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