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    Andrew Garfield on new-found confidece and a�?physically goofinessa��, as Spider Man

    Cynics may dismiss Andrew Garfield for not being the typical superhero. But the actor, who is donning the red-and-blue spandex suit after two years, is back to prove them wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Charming and full of energy, Garfield is currently promoting his new movie with reel and real girlfriend, Emma Stone. The 30-year-olda��earlier seen in movies like The Social Network and Never Let Me Goa��tells us about Spideya��s trickster persona and his arch enemy.

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    a�?I definitely feel more confident this time around,a�? says Garfield.A� a�?I enjoy being Spider-Man, which is for sure what Peter feels as well.a�? In some ways, the character has returned to his rootsa��with a costume that is more faithful to legendary comic-book creator Stan Leea��s original, and an attitude to match. As Spider-Mana��s confidence has burgeoned, so has his ability to fire off a quipa��even in the direst circumstances.A� a�?What sets Spider-Man apart from other super heroes is his humor,a�? says the young actor. a�?He fits perfectly into the classic trickster archetype and one of the defining characteristics of a trickster is that they use their enemiesa�� weaknesses against them. Thata��s one of Spider-Mana��s strengths. Peter Parker may trip over his own feet, but as Spider-Man hea��s able to trip anyone up.a�?

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    Garfield polished his physical-comedy chops with the help of Cal McCrystal, the award-winning Scottish clown and theater director.A� a�?There are scenes and ideas in the movie that come directly from my work with Cal,a�? says Garfield, who cites Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton among his acting idols. a�?He created a specific choreography for me. Our work together brought Spider-Man a physical goofiness, which was really exciting to explore.a�? The film pits Spider-Man against his most dangerous foe to date, Electro, played by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. a�?Watching Jamie morph into Electro is emotionally powerful,a�? says Garfield. a�?He is a great adversary for Spider-Man, but he wasna��t born bad. He was manipulated by evil forces, and that creates compassion for him.a�?

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to release on May 1.

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