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    We suggest three new must-try treats in Pondicherry

    Lobster alert
    THE new addition to the a la carte menu at Le Dupleix is the rock and slipper lobster. Served only on Friday evenings, the succulent crustacean comes with different sauces like lemon butter and garlic. They also serve scallops, tuna and squid as sides. Slipper lobster costsA� Rs 975, while the rock lobster is Rs 1,490. Details: 0413 2226001
    Croissant sandwiches
    The one-month-old Canteen 18 is popular for their wraps, organic lemon bundt cakes and more. Started by Bangalore-based Sweta Mathur and Shantanu, the manager, you will have to struggle to find a spot during weekends, thanks to customers who come in for their unique croissant sandwiches. a�?It has various fillings, like bacon and ham. For vegetarians, we have options like mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and pickles. We source the sour-dough from a baker in Auroville, Daniel Trulson, who makes
    artisan breads. We make food with artisanal local products and wea��re also selling gelatos,a�? says Mathur. They also have open-faced caprese sandwiches at Rs 200, which is a big hit with vegetarians. Grilled croissant
    sandwiches are priced from Rs 210 onwards. Details: 9894364664
    Gourmet ice cream
    Started a month ago by Italians Silvia Latini and Francesco Carboni, Gelato Factory has natural ice creams and sorbets. However, their Italian cream and chocolate wins maximum votes. Do try their coconut and strawberry sorbet as well. a�?We make ice creams the artisan way. This is not your usual American ice cream, but fat free and natural. Some of our ingredients are imported from Italy,a�? says Latini, who has been living in Auroville for the past 25 years.
    The ice creams are
    priced from Rs 100.
    Details: 0413 2623918

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