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    Allowing you to pay only for what you put on your plate, Weigh-Outa��s buffet hopes to change the way we eat

    So many questions come to mind when they tell us we will be billed only by the weight of what we eat and not what we choose. For instance, how do you charge a standard Rs 75 for 100 gms, irrespective of whether Ia��m eating prawns or potatoes? a�?The concept balances out because not everyone eats the same things or the same quantity,a�? is Beulah Richarda��s reply. Weigh-Out on Greams Road is the brainchild of her husband, Richard Paul, she says, pointing to the person manning one of their weighing / billing counters. While Beulah hails from the family behind popular venture Home Caterers, Richard was formerly a restaurant analyst in the US.

    Ita��s quite straightforward really. You peruse the buffet, fill your plate, weigh it at the counter and swipe the electronic card you are provided with before you begin your meal. Then simply eat, refill and repeat. a�?This is quite popular in Brazil, where they are called a�?kilo restaurantsa��,a�? Beulah adds, explaining that the stable prices, especially of meats, is the reason why one will find one such restaurant at every street corner in Sao Paulo. The price fluctuations in Chennai however, makes deciding on the next daya��s menu a very challenging task, she admits.

    Plates filled with BBQ wings, lamb chops and a host of colourful tandoori starters, we hold all thoughts on how the concept makes sense and focus on the food. Putting Continental food on a buffet can be very tricky and rightly so. While the BBQ wings leave us licking our fingers and seem unaffected by the time theya��ve spent in the dish, the lamb chops end up cold, tough and unimpressive. The Indian and Chinese dishes (varying from chicken in hoisin sauce to malai kebabs and mutton korma) however, weather the buffet with ease. We find people paying very little attention to the vegetarian side of the buffet though, despite it having an equally impressive selection with spinach and mushroom pockets, "WEIGH OUT" PICTURE FOR INDULGE. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABUvegetable kebabs and more. The Indian breads however, must be ordered a la carte, as they tend to dry up waiting on a buffet. As we wind up with gulab jamuns, caramel custard, apple pie and A�clairs (from a generous dessert station), wea��re told of plans to evolve into offering a la carte options and a flat rate buffet as well. But at a much later time. For now, you will be averaging around Rs 450 if you consume 600 gms. And in case you were wondering, yes, the weight of your plate will not be calculated when you swipe that card. Details: 9940088774

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