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    Adding to the plethora of eating-places in Koramangala, there is now Roots, in case you needed another new place to check out this weekend. And ita��s also being smart; located close enough to companies such as Wipro and Flipkart, theya��ve introduced something called a�?corporate platesa�� (lunch meals), which comes as a welcome relief from the term a�?executive lunchesa��. But thata��s not what interests us. This 97-seater restaurant has 26 pages between its food and beverage menu, and thata��s a lot of reading material as you wait for your food. Over a vanilla berry shake, which is quite refreshing, we began flipping the pages. The C2 (a cucumber and lime cooler infused with curry leaves) and the crushed velvet (pomegranate, raspberry syrup, with fresh lemon juice and soda) are two coolers that are designed for summer. Yes, we drank all of these, and complained about the season changing all too soon.

    The salads are simple a�� fresh vegetables, watermelon and feta, and chicken salad in tangy spices. The soups, while rather regular, are seasoned to perfection. Try the murgh yakhani shorba (chicken broth flavoured with khus root, green cardamom, and coriander) and youa��ll know what wea��re talking about. In fact even the humble manchow soup was heartwarming.


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