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The Gilmore Girls reunion on Netflix brings back to life two of the most loved characters of all time

When news of a possible Gilmore Girls revival made headlines a few months ago, ardent fans couldnai??i??t have been more thrilled.

Revolving around Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel) and her mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), the show which wrapped up in 2007, gives us a picture of a delightfully flawed family.

Now, about nine years later, the show deals with career problems, death, love and relationships. Best known as the creator of Gilmore Girls and more recently, Bunheadsai??i??Amy Sherman-Palladino tells us more.

Was it hard to return to the Gilmore Girls characters again?

Frighteningly, it wasnai??i??t. Apparently we have never got these people out of our heads which is disturbing ai??i??so we should probably get a little help for that. Once we really knew what our stories were, it felt very organic to get these voices back down on the page again.

Did you always know which story you were going to tell or did it change with time?

We actually hadnai??i??t been thinking about doing anything more with Gilmore Girls for a long time, and it wasnai??i??t until Netflix arose to conquer the world. Enough years had passed that we felt an audience would be interested to know what was happening in these peopleai??i??s lives. It was a good time with Rory in her 30sai??i??where we were wondering where she might have ended up.

What did the cast members think about reviving their characters?

We had a big reunion in Austin. We were all back together again and at that time we discussed, should we do something? Is it the right time?What should it be? It was at this point that we started breaking stories down. We spoke to Lauren, Alexis and Kelly, and wanted to make sure everyone felt really good and right about it.

Can you explain why you decided to do a four-season formatai??i??Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer?

We wanted to do something different, flex our muscles a bit and tell stories in a different way.

Even for people who havenai??i??t watched Gilmore Girls before, we wanted them to relate to three generations of women at different crossroads in their lives. So, we thought, letai??i??s take them over a year, letai??i??s watch this evolutionai??i??pick them up where their life is taking a turn, and where they are going to goai??i??see what that year brings!

The show is available on netflix.com

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