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    Culture, security and the moustache make Chennai men desirable a�� claims a survey by Axe

    You poor sod. All these days youa��ve been hitting on firang a�?chicksa�� and you never knew why they kept rejecting you? You need a survey. So South Indiaa��s eighth most popular deo brand, Axe, surveyed 1,100 a�?foreigna�� women asking them something along those lines and of course now all the men know what to do and the women know who not to. Guys, we stink. Apparently. (And every woman you have ever been with has a cold.) But dona��t be disappointed, because while we are not the most confident lovers in bed (talk about wielding an axe), wea��re very successful when we use our mouth! Yup, courtesy and culture talk works with the firangi femmes. That makes sense. All we need to do is buy some deo (of course) and become a guide at Mahabalipuram. a�?Check out my five rathas, baby!a�?
    Ridiculous! But then again, Chennai once had the dubious distinction of being the highest consumer of fairness creams and they made us all suffer for that trend by subjecting us to those a�?Be Fair and Handsomea�� type products and ads. Now they feel we really need the opinion of 1,100 women of dubious foreignness to tell us how to do it right. But thata��s ok. Wea��re Chennai guys. Wea��re well behaved and moustached and wea��ll take this like the gentlemen we are. The comments will stay in the back rows while we run to open doors and seduce foreign women over deep discussions on kalachaaram. And dark rum. So wea��re going to embrace this study. Wea��re gonna share it on Facebook. Bring it up in conversations. Use it as an excuse when we cana��t bring it up. But one thing we wona��t do is change our deo.

    This piece is a response to a survey conducted by Axe deodorant which stated that Chennai men score high on stability and responsibility while falling behind on fashion sense and hygiene

    a�� Kishore Manohar
    Brand consultant and founding partner of Incite and creator of the Facebook page Man Vs Tasmac a�� a light-hearted take on the woes of tipplers in Chennai


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