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    It was a little over six years ago when I got this opportunity to write for the medium Ia��m totally addicted to. I cana��t thank Rosella Stephen enough for her vision to have this space and her enormous patience for putting up with me! Congratulations team Indulge on six classy years. However, today wea��ll let the radio personalities of Chennai to do the talking.

    Suresh, S
    Programming, Head/Evening Host, Hello FM 106.4
    I am happy that Niladria��s avatar as a columnist has helped many aspiring RJs find their way into the industry. It is a proper route map. Every week, I look forward to his write up, which is a boost for me. It keeps a check on how a�?to talka�� and a�?not to talka�� before the mic. I also thank team Indulge of The New Indian Express for taking this initiative to bring in a column exclusively for radio.

    Sulabha Santhosh,
    Breakfast Host, Radio One 94.3 FM
    The radio column is the first page my eyes go to, on receiving the paper in the morning. Many a times Ia��ve stifled a grin, sighed out loud, and other times purely enjoyed his timing because ita��s his voice that is talking about our issues, which the outside world cana��t understand.This column could be a reality check for us. Good luck, Niladri and Team Indulge!

    Sanobar Sultana,
    Breakfast Host, Chennai Live104.8FM
    Every Friday, people in my office scramble to get a copy of Indulge, and the paper literally goes on a merry-go-round ride, cabin to cabin. I have told Niladri several times that his entertaining column is a TV show waiting to happen. Thank you for keeping the radio buzz alive and hearty congratulations to Team Indulge on their sixth anniversary. Please continue being unique and different.

    Balaji Patturaj
    Big 92.7FM
    Being a radio person, I always feel jealous bout the amount of coverage television gets in the print medium. The only joy is to wait for Niladri every Friday and see what he has to say about radio. Radio stations do something called an air check where the quality of their own content gets analysed, I would say this column is the weekly air check for all stations in this city. Personally, the first English article about me that I showed my amma was Niladria��s. a�?Radio la peria aalay unna pugazndhutaalaya�� is what she said. Ita��s a feeling of pride and joy to be featured in this column.



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