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TV trends and the treats lined up by Star World

With 26 of Americaa��s television shows being aired simultaneously in India since September 2013, you really dona��t need torrents to catch up with the latest season of your favourite series. The a�?You see it firsta�� campaign on Star World Premiere HD saw many shows air their latest seasons like Modern Family and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D along with the US. Plus, weA� canA� also look forward to new seasons of shows like Community. We got business head of the Star English Channels in India, Kevin Vaz, to run us through the trends and prime time offerings.

Kevin-Vaza�?When shows are aired nearly a month after it is shown in the US, it affects the viewership. Moreover, the Indian viewer has evolved. It doesna��t matter to them that episodes of western shows arena��t aired back-to-back as it is done with Indian ones. So, we decided to start this service for our premium viewers, who are used to getting products like cars or other luxury items as soon as they are released abroad.a�?

As far as trends are concerned, Vaz sees drama and comedies doing well with the Indian audience. So this year, expect to see new shows like Rake and Bunheads. a�?Genre-specific channels like Star Movies Action and Romedy Now are the future of television. This enables viewers to choose the kind of content they want to watch,a�? he adds, insisting that high-definition (HD) television is here to stay. When it comes to new channels, he wants to see how Star Movies Action does before tapping into another genres like drama or comedy.
And how about locally produced shows? a�?To be honest, the value of production behind western shows is big. But it isna��t so here. So, it is a bit of a risk. We have local talent like Vir Das and Tanmay Bhatt, but I dona��t see it happening in the near future. Hopefully, when the time is right,a�? he concludes.

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