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    Chetan Bhagat on the challenges of writing from a female perspective

    Giving his famous middle class male protagonist a rest, Chetan Bhagat’s new novel One Indian Girl introduces you to Radhika Mehta, a rich investment banker at Goldman Sachs with an opinion on everything. The first person narrative traces all the ups and downs she faces in the process of finding a partner. Talking about adopting a female tone for the first time, the 42-year old says, a�?It wasna��t just penning dialogues. I was writing her thoughts as well. When readers pick up the book, they shouldna��t feel that ita��s written by a man.a�? While the concept emerged seven years ago, the bestselling author couldna��t muster the courage to confidently speak from the point of view of a woman. a�?I have judged women unfairly in the past, often dismissing their emotions as drama,a�? says the Mumbai-based author who did his share of research before penning down this one. Bhagat has come a long way since his first book Five Point Someone, 12 years ago, with five out his seven novels making it to the silver screen. a�?I like writing stories and good, interesting ones at that. My natural style is light and entertaining so it makes it easy to adapt,a�? he says when quizzed on whether his writing process has moulded itself to cinema. Currently the author is taking a break from writing and will focus on the shoot of Half Girlfriend (based on his book of the same name), scheduled to release next May.

    Published by Rupa & Co. `176. Available at Starmark. Details: 30083560

    a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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