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    Exploring emotions
    Pramod Thakur, an artist from Mumbai, is exhibiting a collection of paintings—titled Meditation, Reflection and Affection. The 19 canvases include the artist’s representations of yogic poses and relationships between man and woman.  Till tomorrow, at Prakrit Art Gallery. From 11 am to 6 pm. Details: 42188989

    Fun by the beachperch-2
    Theatre group Perch is back with Jujubee, their children’s play in Tamil and English that premiered in 2012. Centered around an evil king and an unlikely heroine, it uses larger-than-life puppets, colourful masks, and music and dance to tell a story with fast-paced action and political undertones.  At Spaces, January 3 and 4, at 6.30 pm. Details: perch.co.in


    Debating art
    American philosopher, Noel Carroll, is giving a talk on the late art critic and philosopher, Arthur Danto. Among other things, Caroll will be discussing how Danto’s notion of “post historical art” is superior to the more popular idea of “postmodernism”. At The Leela Galleria, tomorrow, at 7 pm. By invite only. Details: 9941012385


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